2018.07.19 (Thu)  16:25

How to prepare for a Typhoon


Okinawa's typhoon season is normally between July to September.

The meteorological observatory will announce" Tropical Cyclone Information" if they anticipate effects of a typhoon. Heavy damage can occur when a typhoon approaches or passes over the island. Get information in advance through the TV, radio or internet

Do your best to prepare early by securing or putting away all items outside.

1. First strengthen your house if a typhoon approaches.

  You need to strengthen weatherboards, windows, fences, laundry poles, satellite, sing boards, etc. If you have time before the typhoon moves inland, prepare further with tarps, blocks and such.


2. Check your stock in case a power or water outrage occurs.

    Prepare food, water, flashlights, lighter, radio, and a first aid kit in a bag in case of an emergency.


3.  Pay attention to weather updates.

 Gather as much information regarding the typhoon through the TV, radio and internet. Also pay attention to public announcements made by the city office disaster prevention agencies.


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